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Hi there!

First, let me say that we are ultra nerdy about the environment-well we think we're awesomely normal-but we're pretty nerdy; and completely okay with it. : ) Like most families, we started with the usual environmental considerations; simple changes; recycling, reusing containers, and choosing safer products. Then we had children and everything shifted. I think that's pretty common with parents.

Things become...clearer.
Choices become... more important.

My sister was the one who chose to cloth diaper and I thought she was crazy. But then I borrowed her diapers...and I realized I owed her a HUGE apology.

Which I gave her.
Happily, if not a little humbly.

After that I purchased my own diaper and realized it was easy peezy. I already knew how to do laundry and the bonuses were that my garbage no longer smelled, and I saved a ton of moolah! got a little bit simpler. And we continue to add one small healthy, and environmental adjustment at a time.

We love to share your journey; thanks for letting us come along.

Owner of Clothworks